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Mumbai Attractions


Mumbai, the capital city of the state of Maharashtra which was initially a composite of seven marshy islands, is a now a 3km wide and 22 km long wide strip where millions of people reside. With a cosmopolitan nature, the city is the “melting pot” wherein Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Parsis, and Christians co-exist happily under the common designation, the ‘Mumbaikars’. Presently Mumbai is the dream city for all, from businessmen to film stars, from designers to tycoons and not to forget the common people.

Mumbai is the entertainment as well as the commercial hub of India. Formerly known as Bombay and presently referred as the “Alpha World City”, this exhilarating city of Mumbai is among the most populated cities in the world. Lying in the western coast of India, this glamorous city has a natural harbor.

General Information on Mumbai reveals that during the middle of the 18th century, the British reshaped the city of Bombay with various engineering projects on a large scale, which was followed by the emergence of the city as a major trading town. The educational and the economic development entered the city in the 19th century. In the early half of the 20th century, Bombay bore the evidences of the movement for Indian independence. The year 1960 saw the formation of the new state of Maharashtra with Bombay as its capital. Later on in 1995, Bombay was rechristened as Mumbai.

Mumbai popularly known as the “city that never sleeps” generates 25% of India’s industrial output, 5% of India’s GDP, 70% of the total capital transactions that take place in the Indian economy and 40% of the maritime trade. Besides being the home to all major financial bodies, Mumbai also houses the popular Bollywood industry.

Mumbai, the soul of all human activities is the place which creates millionaires and paupers overnight. To most of us the very name of the city means, the glamour of the Bollywood industry, cricket matches in the weekends, double decker buses, enjoying bhelpuri on the golden beaches, rollicking nightlife, best of foods etc.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is responsible for the civil administration of the city with the power vested in the hands of the Municipal Commissioner. The metropolis comprises two districts, each of which falls within the falling within the District Collector’s jurisdiction. The legal jurisdiction over the city is enjoyed by the Bombay High Court and two other lower courts.

Mumbai is among the most well connected cities in India. Extensive rail and road network connects the city to every corner of India whereas airways connect it globally.