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Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC)

APAC is a Singapore based organization, with a Vision of being the Coaching Voice of Asia Pacific. It prides itself on being a unique, diverse and dynamic community of professionals committed to the highest standards of professional coaching, and fostering the growth of coaching by organizing a number of activities. One of their highlight events is a biennial international conference that helps in growing professionalism within the industry and brings all stakeholders closer for mutual benefit.

APAC Vision

To be the Coaching Voice of Asia Pacific

APAC Mission

To bring the power and value of coaching to every workplace and home.

APAC Mission

  1. Professionalism and Ethics: Working with integrity and abiding by proficient coaching principles.
  2. Quality: APAC believes in the highest standards of excellence in all coaching.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: APAC values the diversity in coaches, coachees, & organisations, celebrating their differences and seeing it as their strength.
  4. Learning: APAC believes in continuous development, technology, and innovation.
  5. Service: APAC believes in serving through coaching and desires to create a positive impact on the communities served.
  6. Engagement: APAC believes in working with their coaching community internally and society at large to create more possibilities and solutions for all.

You can read more about APAC on www.apacoaches.org/